Sam Amarlapudi Newsletter – February 2019

Sam Amarlapudi Newsletter – February 2019

Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ,

Greetings to you from India! I wanted to write and thank you for your kindness and friendship to me when I was in America. It was a blessing for me to meet you and I am thankful for the bond that we share in Christ. I thank you for praying for me as I labor in India. The work here is very hard and I desire and need your prayers for the hearts of my people. I especially ask that you pray that the Hindus will cease their assault against Christianity.

Sister Cookie is putting my thoughts into correct English so that there will be no misunderstanding of what I am trying to say. My English has greatly improved, but I still have a ways to go.

My friend, Prasad, and my cousin, Chintu, and I bought our train tickets to the tribal village area for February 28 and will return on March 3rd. We will ride the train for 15 hours and after our arrival, we will rent a 4-wheel drive auto and driver to take us to three villages. We will be taking gift bags for the children, a projector to show the Jesus Film and Child Evangelism stories to tell to the children.

The tribal areas are in the wilderness and away from everything. There are no roads and we will travel over very rough terrain early in the day and late at night. The last time we went, we traveled home after dark and the hills were very slippery with dangerous drops, you could hear the wild animals and the cobras crossed in front of us. To be honest, it was very scary. Please pray for our safety.

The people in tribal areas are left alone by the government and have no roads, no water, no schools, no electricity and no communication with the outside world. They live off the land and govern themselves. Their lives are very hard and there are no comforts. These downtrodden and poor people have been forgotten by most everyone except God. Please start praying with us that God will begin to soften their hearts and that they would be open to hearing about Him.

I am also starting to work the small villages and fanning out from my hometown. My goal for the future is to be able to get a gospel witness to every village in my state. As you can imagine, that is a huge goal and it will take God’s strength, His power and His provision for me to do this.

On Sunday, my parents, a friend and I hired a car and a driver and visited a village about 2 hours from us. We held a service, gave out tracts throughout the village and showed The Jesus Film.

Below you can see the two different villages we visited last spring. You can see how poor the people are, how happy the children are with their gifts and how we showed them the Jesus Film.

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