Romanian Project

A History


Six years ago I was asked to teach in a small bible college four hours south of Kiev, Ukraine. Some of the students there were from Romania, mostly unable to understand the translations from Russian. With my language background, I was able to open a dialogue and forge some relationships. That four hours of teaching in Ukraine has led to three years of working to do more in Romania because of the Latin-based language similarities. These language similarities fall within the scope of Preach’s ethnocentric mission.


With our building being donated here in Seymour, Missouri last year we pushed back a little on our duties with our friends in Romania. The delegation of responsibilities back to our Romanian friends had a positive effect, however, and some leadership development has evolved through it all. We have several couples that are working with us in Romania and Dan and Lore Ioan have joined the Preach Team to serve full-time as our Chief Coordinators in Romania.


This is a great group of believers who have been responding and maturing under the preaching of Gods words for some time now. Influenced by many but yet without a pastor for some years, our ministry was invited to come and help in any way possible. God has revived and renewed hope in this small band of brothers.


We have piloted an SBT (Baptist Seminary of Theology) training school in Romania these last two months with an excellent attendance in our classes (25-30), and an increasing excitement for what God will do in the future.


Present Day


While in Romania these last two months, a Christian Romanian businessman, who has resided in Spain for the past twenty-one years, and whom God has blessed with ample resources, has a house he would like to – not sell – but trade for 100,000 bibles. He wishes to place this last remaining asset into the work of God and making his residence final in Spain.  His words were, “Jesus is returning soon, and people need to know the Lord more than I need this house.” Hundreds have tried to offer money, and others have been attempting to negotiate with him on this property in other ways. After a few initial conversations by phone with brother Dan Ioan, I was asked to consider taking the talks a step further and meet in person with Mr. Abel.  He saw our website and asked to meet us. He then flew from Spain for a specific meeting with us, and we discussed our ministry vision for Romania for several hours. Our vision for Romania includes evangelism campaigns, a seminary to train pastors, a printing press, and eventually multiple church planting efforts. With this understanding, he wanted to enter into an agreement with us to trade 100,000 bibles for the house and property, which we will use as a ministry base, SBT bible school, and one day, a print shop.


100,000 Bibles


The specifics on these bibles requested are:


  • 70,000 Romanian full size, hardcover, complete Cornilescu version bibles, with a Christian cross on the front
  • 20,000 French full size, hardcover, complete Louis Segond version bibles, and
  • 10,000 English full size, hardcover, complete King James version bibles.


I have signed an agreement on this exchange. I have until August 31, 2018, to deliver the first 50,000 and until August 31, 2019, to complete the entire project. I desire that we fulfill printing and shipping of all 100,000 bibles and waste no time or momentum since the school has already begun this year (2018). We need this facility for classes to resume in January 2019. We become owners of the property starting June 30, 2018.


To me, this is a win-win. We want the scriptures there. We want the word of God to blanket the hearts of those in search of truth. Additionally, with a printing press on site, we could also continue this work long-term, and Mr. Abel himself has pledged to not stop with 100k if we can provide more scriptures.


I need immediate help in acquiring quotes for these bibles and raising the necessary funds to proceed with this significant open door God has given our ministry.  Preferably printed in Europe, China, or somewhere that would aid us in economizing on the printing and possibly eliminating the shipment cost accrued by sending across the seas. I also need lots of prayer on this entire matter. Wisdom, faith, and confidence in God to do his work. Favor with God and man. Prayer for all of our team as we endeavor to labor together on the many ministries we have currently in our hands.  If we could place the order and had a financial backer, I’d do the delivery of the entire amount (100,000 bibles) and not drag it out. As you see, there are deadlines and specific windows of opportunities. With other projects already underway, i.e., Seymour Campus construction, Cape Verde school projects that are ongoing each year, new work in the Spanish language sector, pastor training seminars in Santa Cruz, Bolivia April 2018. Therefore, we are asking God to burden the hearts of Christians to give generously and promptly to this work.


I will be glad to send you some pics to help see and understand the magnitude of Gods blessing in this matter.


May God bless and burden the hearts of everyone.


For God’s Global Glory,


Dr. Paul Pritchard Jr.

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