Phillip & Sarah Pritchard Prayer Letter May – June 2017

Phillip & Sarah Pritchard Prayer Letter May – June 2017

Dear Brethren,

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” (Gal. 6:9) Often, over the past few weeks, this truth has resounded in my mind. We are blessed to serve, we are eager to serve Him and others even more, but the weight of this can bring you to a point of weariness. I say this not to invoke any carnal sympathy, but rather state a spiritual truth. What a refuge and source of strength we have in Jesus. He has graciously drained me, that I might find filling in Him. My tutelage is incomplete and shall remain so, for His glory. However, this is the context in which I write. Acknowledging my weakness and the waring that is currently within and without, and for all this, I say, praise be to God. The Apostle Paul put it this way, “Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not…but we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us.” (II Cor. 4:1;7) We can do nothing apart from Him.

I ask for your prayers on behalf of the ministry here in Cape Verde. Specifically, the Church in Assomada, the Church in Pedra Badejo, the Seminary and the School Project in São Vicente and Santo Antão.

  The Baptist Theological Seminary:

We are in the 11th week of classes. Two men have made it thus far. Clovis Ribeiro and Edson Silva. These men are doing well in their studies and are maturing more and more in Christ. They have assumed responsibilities within the church in Pedra Badejo and are laboring alongside myself and the other national pastors. God has grown our team of leaders. We praise Him for these men. Pray that God will send us more. Lord willing in the near future, with these men and their families, we will be starting a home church here in Praia, the Capitol of Cape Verde. All of this depends upon the Lords leading, but we have been praying to that end, if it be His will.

The School Projects: Islands of Santo Antão & São Vicente

The last part of September we had the opportunity to continue an ongoing campaign here in Cape Verde. We are able to go into the public schools and distribute Bibles and school materials and present Christ to the students directly. Nearly 12,000 students and teachers in 63 different schools scattered abroad on two different islands received a Bible. We want to thank the individuals and churches who gave to help this project become a success. We still have ten thousand plus students to reach on these islands. In the year to come, we hope to pioneer into islands that have yet to be reached. Please pray that the Lord will continue to keep these doors open.

Visas, Family and Tons of Truth:

We received a six-month extension on our visas. This means two things. We are legal until April 2018. It also means we have yet to receive our resident visas. We have no reason to suspect that they will not be approved. However, please continue to pray on our behalf. We have been involved for seven months in the application process, pray that we get some definitive answers soon.

Our family is well. Sarah and I have had what seems to be a month of sickness. We are doing much better.Lord willing, Mason will be baptized in a few weeks. He is very excited about this, as is the family.

Tons of Truth is the shipping facet of Preach Evangelistic Ministries. We have set a goal of shipping 112 tons of scripture over the next year. Each ton costs $800.00. Currently 108 tons still need to be provided for. These containers will be going to Cape Verde, Brazil, and Bolivia. Please visit our website for more info on how to give and help us with this goal.

For His Glory,
The Pritchard’s
Phillip, Sarah, Mason, Micah, Sofia and Sadie

The Church in Pedra Badejo:

The Church in Pedra Badejo will celebrate her eleventh anniversary in November. We are excited to have my father and founder of this church preaching a revival and ordination charge for two national Pastors the 19 of November. This church is located in a spiritually dark community. Even the other lost communities consider Pedra Badejo a difficult and closed community. However, God is doing a work and we praise Him for it. We are looking forward to the ordination of the national pastor to this congregation, Bro. Julio Nanque. Both Brother Charles Texeira And Brother Julio Nanque are men full of faith and possessed by the Holy Spirit. There testimonies, within the church and without, is that of men transformed by Christ. Pray for the families in this church, that they will reach out and touch this community and transform her by God’s working through them.

The Church in Assomada: 

This church will celebrate her fourth anniversary in April. There are eight families that comprise the body of this local church. Half of these families are growing well in their faith and commitment to Christ. The other half are still babes in Christ. Pray for spiritual growth amongst these families. We are still training and working side by side with the national pastor to this congregation, Bro. Charles Texeira. We had over the past month and a half two deaths in the church family. This presented many opportunities to reach out the lost family members. Pray for the seed sown to find root.


  • Continued spiritual growth for the church’s
  • Family’s health
  • Tons of Truth shipping goals
  • Residency Visa request.
  • SBT and Students
  • Upcoming Revival
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