Phillip & Sarah Pritchard Prayer Letter March – April 2018

Phillip & Sarah Pritchard Prayer Letter March – April 2018

Dear Brethren,

Waiting, worshipping and working. The pursuit of Gods glory in a place that has none requires that we perform faithfully these three actions. The enemy seeks tenaciously to destroy, but we pray as David did… “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.” (Psalms 20:7) Over the past few weeks this verse has stirred me, rebuked me and strengthened me. David says that the refuge of the righteous is the enabling name of God. He declares that God’s name endows us with strength, hope, faith and victory.

For the past few months we have been in a legal struggle with the local government. We are in the process of buying a van for the churches and various ministries. We requested a deferment on the $10,000.00 of taxes to be paid to the customs office. We requested this exemption as a religious non-profit registered in Cape Verde. They informed us that they would not give the exemption until we had additional documentation from the Prime Minister’s office. The PM’s office said that they could not give us the documentation because we are a religious organization. Long story short, we began a nine-week process that involved having the U.S. Ambassador to Cape Verde, Donald Heflin writing a letter requesting the customs office honor our exemption. Praise be to God this past Friday we got the van. We have meetings still scheduled with the Secretary of State for Cape Verde, to discuss amendments to the Cape Verdean religious law. Our struggle was not only to obtain the exemption, but to challenge the religious discriminants present in the current law. We hope to see that changed, God permitting. Pray with us. These issues effect greatly the current work, but also the future of the Independent Baptist church here in Cape Verde.

With this being said, we have bought this van, but we still need $14,750.00 to finish paying for it. What a blessing, $24,750.00 is not needed because of the exemption. Praise the Lord.
We are thankful for Josh and Jenny Kidd and family. They have been here for a little over a month. They are doing well in language and culture studies. Pray for them as God stirs their hearts and minds with all that lies ahead of them.

We are in a perpetual state of need. We ask not for ourselves but for His sake. As a ministry we have three containers that need to be shipped to Cape Verde, Brazil and Bolivia. We have a project in Romania to purchase and distribute 100,000 Bibles. In Cape Verde we need to purchase land and construct church buildings. All this beckons resource and labor. As we read the letters of other missionaries, look around our churches, need will present itself. Shy not away but with faith obey Gods voice. He shall faithfully lead, will you follow? For His matchless name, I pray we do.

For His Glory,
Phillip and Sarah Pritchard
And Mason, Micah, Sofia and Sadie

We started a third church here in Praia, the capitol, five weeks ago. We Praise the Lord for the young lady saved two weeks ago, Daniella.  We continue to preach in a few of the districts of the capitol with the expectation that God will save souls. Several individuals over the past few weeks are under conviction, but still have not believed in Christ. Pray that through this work, God will add to His church. In the church in Pedra Badejo, nearly an hour away, we are planning to baptize two, a brother and sister in Christ, Neni and Fernando. All of the churches are growing in their own way and each faces their own trial. Pray for them as they endure, as they grow in knowledge and as they take on the call to serve Christ as ambassadors.

The last week of February we realized our first marriage and family retreat. We saw 15 couples in attendance. It was a two-day retreat focusing on a Christ centered marriage. For us it was monumental, the community of Christian believers is small and fellowship is difficult to find. We praise the Lord for these opportunities to build a heritage for future generations.

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