Phillip Pritchard Family Newsletter – 10 – 12 – 2019

Phillip Pritchard Family Newsletter – 10 – 12 – 2019


We are writing you from a warm and sunny Cape Verde. This is probably in great contrast with your current weather and season. However, we both share, despite our circumstances and surroundings, in the warmth and love of Christ Jesus our Lord.

During these holiday seasons it never ceases to amaze me that Thanksgiving and Christmas alike, have Christ, His goodness ,and His abundant love at their center. Even still, men, in all their blindness, see Him not. Such is the state of the world; surrounded by His goodness and daily mercy, but they know Him not. This is the greatest tragedy in all the world. I know that you share in this reality with me. No other truth is or should be more imposed upon our lives as believers. The world dies without knowledge of the most High; the great and only redeemer of men. He is worthy of our unending effort to exalt Him and His kingdom. In the efforts to promote the Kingdom of God here in Cape Verde we wish to share with you some things to praise Him for and ask your prayers in.

We want to praise the Lord for the scripture project completed in October. 12,000+ students received a copy of God’s word, discipleship materials and school materials. During this trip we were blessed by the presence of members of Wilson Creek Baptist Church, Bible Baptist of Buffalo, Talking Rocks Road Baptist Church and Salem Baptist Church. What a furtherance they all were to the work and ministry here in Cape Verde. Thank you.

Since October we have been handling a few other ministerial needs. Among those things are:

  • Our residency visas. We have to renew every two years. Please be in prayer with us as we submit all the documentation and jump through the many hoops necessary to renew.
  • We are in petition to the local mayor’s office and the Prime Minister’s office to renew Preach’s registered Non-Profit Tax-Exempt status here in Cape Verde. For those of you who have followed this news, it has been a lengthy and tiring process. Please be in prayer that some of the advances made recently will bring a conclusion and a positive response.

We are planning the commencement of seminary classes the first week of January. Please be in prayer for the three families that are enrolled. Pray for their growth spiritually and for their love of Christ to increase. I ask you to pray for the churches and their respective ministries. In Praia, we have several families being discipled. Pray for Branca and Osvaldo Semedo, this couple is young in the Lord and were recently married. Missionaries, Nathan and Tina Fritz are currently doing a marriage and family study with them every week. We are praying for God to establish their home and lives upon His ways and His truths.

Pray for a young lady named Ludy. She is a teenage believer who is growing quickly in her walk with the Lord. She has been completing each discipleship phase with great zeal. Pray for her mother and siblings as she witnesses to them. She recently lost her father and the Lord has opened up many doors into this family during this time.

Also, Dani and Anna Fernandez. Anna is a believer and has been attending church, for a while, off and on.

Pray for God to bring her to a deeper understanding of Christ. We don’t want her to just attend church but, we want her to love God with all her heart. Her Husband, Dani, is lost and is open to the preaching of the gospel. Pray that God saves this man for His glory sake.

We want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Thank you for your giving and praying on our behalf and His work in the islands of Cape Verde.

For His Glory,
The Pritchard’s
Phillip, Sarah, Mason, Micah, Sofia, Sadie & Maclain

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