Phillip Pritchard Family Newsletter – 03 – 04 – 2020

Phillip Pritchard Family Newsletter – 03 – 04 – 2020


We are Isolated but not alone!

Hello from the islands of CapeVerde. We are entering our 9th week of quarantine. We are going a little stir crazy. No, seriously, a little crazy. We already live on an island with limited access to the world. When we were confined to our homes, things got a little bleaker. It has had a bit of a psychological pull on our minds and emotions for the past few months. One thing’s for certain; we need each other more than we often care to admit. It has been a blessing to have the continual care of the Spirit and that of God’s people.

God: He who is Sovereign and Faithful.

With this thought, we have been overwhelmed by the goodness and faithfulness of our God. He has done so many great and terribly fearsome things. Many are unsatisfied and in turmoil with the course He has chosen. We need to be reminded: He has full authority to alter and bring to a complete stop our lives and doings. Even beyond this, if He so wills. We have been reminded that we know so little, if anything, of what tomorrow holds. We have seen first-hand how evil and pernicious men are and will increasingly become in the days ahead. We need not fear for a single moment. Why?

Because these things are ordained by the hand of a loving Savior, an eternal and wise King; the King of the Universe.

A brief update about Cape Verde.

If the US was blindsided, then Cape Verde was significantly less prepared for the virus, but even less so for the coming economic hardships. Cape Verde is a country vastly unemployed and living day to day. This has enormous impacts on the ministry and the local churches. The realities that will emerge from these events will place upon the church and its surrounding communities an increased strain and burden. Historically, this has resulted in mass migration due to the scarcity of employment, unstable
governments, and rise in other reactionary problems. Interestingly enough, when things are bad God opens so many doors. Please be in prayer for the mission work and the church.

What’s going on in the day to day ministry?

We are utilizing social media platforms as much as possible. We are having services, discipleships and seminary classes all online. Some are being done live and some prerecorded. We are weekly distributing food boxes to members of the church family and neighbors. This has been a blessing. It has really softened hearts and otherwise standoffish individuals. We thank the Lord for His provision for us and others during this time. Thank you to our supporters and family for giving and thinking of us during this time of unusual circumstances.

The arrival of fellow Team Members – Josh and Jenny Kidd

July 2nd 2020 we should be picking up this family up from the airport. They are still making a few final preparations before they arrive. They are still in need of a few monthly partners. The past few months’ worth of meetings were cancelled due to COVID-19. Please pray for this family as they leave home, mother, father, friends and all things familiar to minister in this land. May God bless their ministry and bring many souls to safety because of His work through them. We can’t wait to see them.

Missions and her Mantra – “March on for God’s Global Glory”

Independent to the problems that will rise or dissipate; we must remain increasingly focused on the fields white unto harvest. Many Christians are looking for things to return to normal. I don’t believe they will, or do I believe they should. We need to be awakened to our apathy and to the well written and foretold plans of the coming day of our Lord. We need to be aware that the days are short for the lost and time is drawing nigh. We have seen behind the curtain and it needs to put a spark in our step. Why are we really upset that our liberties are being taken and trampled upon? After we fuss, protest, and demand their return we will be given a similitude, a potion to numb us to the real condition and direction of our nation and surrounding world. We need to be focused on the redemptive story of God’s Grace and Glory
through the gospel. We must not be wooed back to sleep, but remain vigilant and very active in reaching nations while there is time. Let’s march on!

For His Glory,
Phillip Pritchard and Family

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