2019 End of Year Funding Campaign

2019 End of Year Funding Campaign


When I answered the phone, I knew this man was in trouble. I also knew it was an answer to prayer. His first words were, “Can you help me? God is hard on me! I need help!” We had prayed for him for many years, but in the darkness of this night, the light of God shined upon him as he submitted himself to the authority of Almighty God unto salvation through Jesus Christ.

This had not happened easy or quick. A sweet grandmother took him to church in his youth. He had heard of God but never realized the saving power of Christ until that night. Immediately, he got into church – faithfully. Right away, he paid his tithes, got a burden for sinners, and led his best friend to faith in Jesus Christ. Today, he is passionately becoming a disciple of Jesus and teaching others what he is learning.

His family is in church. His wife got right with the Lord. His children are under the sound of the gospel. He leads them in family devotions daily! His life, home, and future are rescued by the loving power of Jesus Christ.

So, what is your part in this story? “If you give to this ministry, you are helping write more stories just like this one day by day.”


Some would say attempting to impact the world with the gospel message is just too much to do, but I believe it is exactly what Jesus commissioned us to do. Jesus did not come into the world to affect the world. He came into the world to change the world! Today, we are his agents, his representatives, his ambassadors of life change freely given through God’s holy word. That is the clear 20/20 Vision for Preach Evangelistic Ministries for year 2020.

Currently, we have nearly six containers of Bibles, evangelistic literature, and humanitarian relief materials staged near the loading docks at our warehouse in Seymour, Mo. Some of these items will supply a medical clinic. There are many boxes of new clothing for those in need. It is mercy from our hand and ministry from our heart that must be accomplished.

Our vision is to sow God’s word among neighborhoods and nations, highways and hedges where millions have not the knowledge of Christ. It is a 20/20 Vision for the 10/40 Window of the World along with other languages and locations perishing without this life-giving Word of God. So, can you help us?


To put this into plain terminology, 120 tons at $800.00 per ton equals $96,000. Another $5,000 will be dedicated for truck rental to move this vast inventory in countries overseas. That is a large amount for some, but eight people, you and seven friends, contributing $100 each could ship one ton! As we approach the end of 2019, some need the assistance of tax deductions for the coming year. Our office will promptly issue the appropriate paperwork.

A church, organization, Sunday school class, youth group, business, family, businessman or woman, has the opportunity to not just affect the world but forever change someone’s world for eternity.

You could be wondering what this will accomplish. The next step is to ship:

  • Greater than 200,000 New Testaments and Bible studies.
  • Valuable evangelistic tools to our missionaries.
  • Twenty tons of medical supplies and clothing.

Dream with me for a moment. Envision giving a Bible to a man, woman, boy, or girl who has never held a Bible! The awe and wonder that spreads across their face is truly amazing! Many will even embrace and kiss this blessed holy book. So, will you help the task of world evangelism and mission?


To mail a check, please address your envelope to:

Preach Evangelistic Ministries
PO Box 750
Seymour MO 65746

Your $100, $500, or $1,000 gift will be great, but any amount will push this project onward to completion. There is no gift too large or too small.

Please search the “APP STORE” on your mobile device for Preach Evangelistic Ministries. Download and you can access volumes of information concerning this ministry. BUT there is also an easy to use “Donate” function that only takes three clicks to give any tax-deductible sum. Gifts made before December 31st at 11:59pm CST will contribute to the 2019 tax year.


A young man told me one day, “I know where people cannot be saved.” “Really,” I said, “And where would that be?” He replied, “Where the gospel is not preached.” How true. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the world of God.

Your gift will give someone the opportunity of faith. At this time of year, that is why Jesus came, so the world could have Faith in Him. Your gift will continue the mission and purpose of God. Give someone else the gift of faith in Jesus Christ.

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