What is Hoped For

May 1st, 2016 - Posted By Dr. Paul E. Pritchard Jr.

Dear Friends,

Much of life and ministry are about missing and seizing opportunity. Most opportunities seem to quickly reveal our level of faith and courage the very instant they appear. I personally believe that in the life of a true believer most opportunities are the portals to a deeper and stronger faith in God. They always seem to call us out, demand something different, or catapult us into some new and constructive change. This is good. When your habit is to resist change, eventually when God comes calling, you will resist him too. Therefore, opportunity at minimum possesses the ability to reveal our spiritual condition and temperature in the moment God places it before us. If we are not very watchful we will find ourselves doing God’s work with what is seen, and not what is ‘hoped for”.

I simply want to share of few of those opportunities before us right now and humbly request both your prayer and your participation.

  • Brazil 2016 Olympic Games. The largest Portuguese speaking country in the world will host athletes, their families, fans, and literally visitors from 200+ nations from around the world. This is a grand opportunity. Our ministry has put together a plan to ship 45 tons of Scripture portions, bibles, and tracts by the end of May. In addition, a volunteer team will work with us August 10-20. If you would like to be a member of this Team, please visit our website for details.

  • Cape Verde June 2016. Two of our graduates from SBT’s 2014 class have been serving in a full time position as senior pastor and we are hopeful during our furloughs. Our prayer is that the ministries are able to find stability under these men’s leadership; thus freeing us to embark upon some new church plants in other needy areas.

  • MMM 2016-2017. Mentoring Men for Mission is our one year training program where families who are considering the call to work in missions, will join for intense preparation, cultural adaptation, linguistic learning on their own dime and dollar before commencing the process of deputation. The blind investment into people who often never stay or return to the field is what we are trying to remedy. Our prayer is that upon completion the will of God is clear, all the romantic and adventuresome notions of the work of missions are at a balance, and a genuine commitment to God and his Global Glory can then emerge. Mission dollars aren’t wasted and lives aren’t ruined.

Finally, I conclude with a personal praise to the goodness of God in our lives. After eight long years, seventeen very difficult surgeries, and due to a car wreck in West Africa that was no fault of our own, we were still paying medical bills that was very burdensome to us each month. Thanks to God and one longtime supporter, we are free of it all. This amazing church seized an opportunity to be a blessing and changed our lives with their generosity. Remember that what earthy thing we put into God’s hands is then touch with eternality. It then stands to bring an everlasting reward.

For His Glory,

Dr Paul & Terri Pritchard Jr

45 Tons of Truth

April 2nd, 2016 - Posted By Dr. Paul E. Pritchard Jr.

Dear Partners & Friends,

Just a quick update about the future plans we have for taking a team into Brazil during the 2016 Olympic Games. The project will consist of literature distribution during the weeks of the games, preaching in some local churches, and leaving ample material behind to assist multiple churches in their local evangelism and discipleship ministries.

Please continue to pray with me concerning the 2016 Olympic Project that Preach has planned in Brazil , South America. With the shipment of 45 Tons of Truth being the goal, there are several details that will need to align as I leave this month for Brazil to lay the tracts for the ministry work in August. The greater urgency is that we ship our containers on time.

They will need to ship in just 45 days from now.

Any and all collaboration in this project will be greatly appreciated. God Bless you all!

For Gods Global Glory,

Dr. Paul E. Pritchard Jr.

Romania and the 2016 Olympics

March 22nd, 2016 - Posted By Dr. Paul E. Pritchard


I am currently in Romania and we have had a great reception and meetings. The ministry opportunity is wide open here. I have a couple that desire to be mentored for ministry traveling with me to see the field. There are also a number of men who want a seminary and are desperate for spiritual training. Students trained will lead to new churches. Pray that God will give wisdom, workers and some wealth to expand the ministry.

I’m also trying to move 45 tons of scripture to help in the Olympics this year. 200 nations will be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I have plenty of Portuguese material and some French and Spanish. I need money to ship it. It’s all too big and too much without God helping and speaking to hearts. I know you and I need people I know and trust. Otherwise it is a lonely path.

Please be praying how we could work together!

For Gods Global Glory,

Dr. Paul E Pritchard Jr.

Spiritual Suicide

November 14th, 2015 - Posted By Dr. Paul E Pritchard Jr.


I wanted to share the following article by Dr. Allen Domelle of Old Paths Journal. I pray that it will be an encouragement to you, and a motivation to strive with us for the cause of the Great Commission.

Dr. Paul E Pritchard Jr.

Judges 1:1 “Now after the death of Joshua it came to pass, that the children of Israel asked the LORD, saying, Who shall go up for us against the Canaanites first, to fight against them?”

Joshua made a tragic mistake that imperiled the future of Israel’s spirituality. The mistake he made was that he did not train someone to take his place when he was gone. This was spiritual suicide. Because he didn’t train someone to take his place, the people strayed from the LORD and did their own thing.

Joshua should have learned from Moses the importance of being a multi-generational Christian. Elijah understood the importance of multi-generational Christianity when he took Elisha and trained him to take his position when he went to Heaven. Whenever you forsake multi-generational Christianity, you are committing spiritual suicide. What is it going to take for you to avoid spiritual suicide and embrace multi-generational Christianity?

First, you are going to have to see the bigger picture. Don’t be short-sighted in your Christianity. You must realize that there are generations of people who follow you whom you could train to carry on the work that was given to you. Every great Christian throughout history has seen the bigger picture and trained the next generation how to serve the LORD. This is the core of the Great Commission. If we fail to train the next generation, we are in essence committing spiritual suicide.

Second, you are going to have to train more than one person. Jesus trained twelve men to carry on Christianity in His short three year ministry on Earth. If you want the work where you serve to continue after you are gone, you are going to have to train several people to take your position. Third, you are going to have to be willing to be inconvenienced. Training others to take your place will take away from your personal time. It won’t always be convenient to train someone else, but you must be willing to invest in others if you want the work that God has used you to build to carry on. Training others will get tiring, but you must do this for the sake of Christ. If you never grasp the bigger picture, you will never be willing to be inconvenienced.

Fourth, you must realize that it is not about your legacy, but it is about Christ. If you get into the legacy building mentality, you will end up committing spiritual suicide. Legacy builders make it all about themselves and how it benefits them while they are alive. Multi-generational Christians realize that it is about the cause of Christ; therefore, they are more concerned with the next generation carrying on what God’s Word teaches.

If God took you to Heaven right now, is there anyone you have trained who could take your place? If you answered “No,” then let this devotional be the motivation to get out of the spiritual suicide mode and start training others. God wants us to be multi-generational Christians, which means we must constantly be training others to take our place. This is the only hope for a nation. This is the only hope for your ministry to continue.

Source - Article By Dr. Allen Domelle of Old Paths Journal